Pure Chondroitin Meal Topper 100 Grams

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Australian Chondroitin Meal Topper, which is “Shark Cartilage Powder” (granulated) may slow cartilage breakdown in the joints or repair damaged cartilage scientific research suggests.

Studies have shown that the combination of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin may be useful in slowing the breakdown of cartilage in the early stages of arthritis. Research has also shown that the combination may help in reducing moderate to severe pain.

Our Australian Chondroitin has been processed using our Nutrieseal ™ patented process. With our method the properties of the shark cartilage are not destroyed making this a powerful addition to the health and well being of your animals.

Some shark cartilage products have been processed using air dying or oven cooking with the use of continuous high temperatures, these processes actually can breakdown & destroy the properties of the product and don’t benefit your pet as they should. Other methods involve dipping the cartilage in vinegar, these are designed to inhibit mould and fungal growth but they effectively destroy the beneficial properties of the cartilage.