Natural Prescription Diets For Dogs And Cats

Clare Middle

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Natural Prescription Diets for Dogs and Cats

The pet food industry has produced a range of processed prescription diet products for dogs and cats to help treat various disease conditions. However, whilst we know that fresh food is a more healthy choice than processed food, processed food can be more convenient. This book has been written for those pet owners who have pets that are unwell and want a non-processed natural alternative to providing a prescription diet.  The recipes in this book are healthy and less expensive fresh food prescription diets that have been carefully and professionally formulated according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and also current research. 

Clare, as well as being a qualified veterinarian, has a certificate in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy from the Chi Institute, USA, and has applied theory, together with recent science, to produce easy recipes which are balanced to NRC Dog and Cat Nutrition Guidelines to help heal your unwell pet or to prevent future relapse of diseases such as arthritis, dermatitis, heart disease, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease etc.